Mobile UVC Light Cleaning Solutions to Reduce Bacteria, Viruses, Germs & Pathogens

VIOA is a UK based manufacturer of cost-effective, mobile, UVC sanitising systems designed to quickly and efficiently disinfect commercial and healthcare premises by killing surface and airborne bacteria, viruses and other contamination.

Our versatile range of products have been designed and built in the UK to greatly reduce the risk of illness causing germs that are often missed by more conventional and time-consuming cleaning methods. From the very outset, our ethos has been to create a variety of different units that are neither prohibitive in cost nor complexity of use. We want businesses and organisations of any size to be able to benefit from the advantages of using UVC technologies in the cleaning, sanitising and protection of their premises and livelihood without being priced out of the market.

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UVC Cleaning for Offices
Safety, versatility & cost-effectiveness are at the heart of every product we create

Safe & Clean

With traditional cleaning methods being proven to be only 50% effective VIOA products utilise high energy UVC light which will reach all exposed surfaces and kill up to 99.99% of bacteria exposed to its continuous wave energy.

With 360 degree disinfection coverage you can rest assured that you are doing everything you can to ensure commercial and customer facing environments are disinfected without any unwanted smells, stains or residues. It also helps reduce the possibility of delicate fabrics or equipment being damaged by liquid-based disinfectants.

Protect staff, customers & patients with UVC cleaning technology

Versatile & Robust

Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK our robust units have been developed to ensure they are easy to transport and built to last the rigours of everyday use.

With the dramatic increase in the need to ensure that any areas occupied by staff and customers are routinely disinfected VIOA delivers big on safety, speed and hygiene without compromising on style.

Sale & finance options available

Cost Effective & Easy to Use

Ensuring clean, hygienic spaces for the safety of our colleagues and customers is more important now than ever before.

Ease of use and the cost should not be a prohibitive factor when choosing a UVC cleaning and de-contamination system and we believe the VIOA range of products are some of  the most cost-effective UVC sanitising systems on the market. Our systems operate with the best UVC light tubes available and offer a life expectancy of over 8,000 hrs. This means you can sit back safe in the knowledge that you’ve invested in a piece of technology that doesn’t need to be constantly maintained.

We've made UV light decontamination easy and affordable!

How it Works


Step 1 Position the unit in the space to be sanitised.


Step 2 Set the length of time you want the area to be sanitised for. Press start.


Step 3 Leave the room and let the VIOA sanitise the area.