The VIOA range of products have been designed and engineered to ensure that they are as versatile and as cost-effective as possible. Similar products on the market are often impractical and hugely cost prohibitive and it was this that drove the team a VIOA towards developing a system that could be used by a huge cross section of industries and organisations. We’re proud of our British engineering heritage and we’re committed to helping keep locations open, safe, secure and open for business, whatever that may be.

Importantly, we wanted to make VIOA products available to as many people as possible and that’s whey we have developed finance packages as well as the ability to purchase our products outright.

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Decontamination for Offices & Work Spaces

The VIOA Tower is the perfect product for businesses that are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their staff, customers and visitors. Now more than ever we need to be open for business and safe to be so. The VIOA product ranges offer one of the best investments on the market when it comes to UVC cleaning and decontamination for offices and workplaces and it’s quickly becoming the go to choice for modern business owners.

With mobility and flexibility at the heart of every systems we create the VIOA range of products make it the ideal choice for the modern day office of 2020 and beyond.  As well as leading the way for UVC sterilisation products we’ve ensured that our products are as stylish as they are practical. The sleek, modern design makes it as stylish as it is effective and the ideal choice for businesses wanting to ensure maximum safety whilst minimising cost and effort. UVC cleaning products such as the VIOA Tower help reduce the need for liquid based cleaning, thus eliminating nasty smells and the risk of fabrics and other exposed surfaces being stained.

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UVC Light Cleaning for Gyms & Leisure Centres

The very nature of gyms, leisure centres and recreational facilities means that the spread of bacteria, viruses, germs and pathogens is potentially more prevalent and needs to be controlled. Whilst many gyms have introduced capacity limits and  increased the regularity of manual cleaning these methods are not 100% effective as well as being time consuming. The beauty about products such as the VIOA Tower is that all you need to do is wheel it in, programme the unit for a short period of up to 15 minutes and the rest is done by the system meaning you and your team can be focusing on the jobs you do best.

The UVC decontamination system is perfect for use both during the day when a quick turnaround is needed or after hours when your cleaning team dive in to prepare for another day of trading.

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Restaurants, Bars & Cafes Using UVC Decontamination

Much has been done to help the hospitality sector to survive and our products can help restaurant and bar owners go that little bit further to make their premises safe and secure for customers and staff alike.

The VIOA Tower gives you the chance to utilise its easy to operate but powerful UVC cleaning technology to kill 99.99% of viruses and pathogens. Requiring less than 10 minutes to sanitise a typical office it means that you can quickly and effectively decontaminate any area between your hours of opening. Whether that’s transitioning from lunchtime through to the evening crowd or whether it’s as part of a complete cleaning rota after the doors close VIOA products put you in control.

We see many of our customers promote the fact that they are using VIOA products to protect their customers as part of their campaign against pathogens such as Covid-19. To many it’s a badge of honour that they are using the most effective means possible.

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Deep Cleaning for Hairdressers & Salons

The volume of people, close contact and prolonged nature of certain treatments within the hair, beauty and spa industries has seen it hit hard by the requirement to optimise their cleaning efforts to negate the effects of Coronavirus.

As part of their daytime and overnight cleaning efforts many are turning to UVC decontamination products such as the VIOA Tower to ensure areas are quickly and effectively sanitised.

We provide a variety of purchase and finance options for our products.

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UVC Sanitisation for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Nurseries

Whist some universities and colleges have opted to take tutelage online, many of the nations educational establishments have opened their doors. The shear number of people interacting and visiting schools makes it a constant battle to stay on top of the level of deep cleaning required to keep them safe for pupils, staff and their families.

The VIOA Tower is being used in many schools once the pupils have gone home and the hard task of cleaning begins. The mobility of the Tower makes it the perfect product for decontamination as it can simply be wheeled in to a room, turned on and left to do it’s job. With each of the high quality UVC lighting tubes lasting for over 8000 hours of use the use of ultraviolet cleaning technology quickly demonstrates its cost effectiveness.

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