UVC Cleaning & Decontamination

Made Easy with the VIOA Tower

Safe & Clean

The VIOA Tower is a mobile, cost-effective and highly efficient UVC cleaning and decontamination system. Ideal for businesses looking to keep their premises safe and secure from bacteria, viruses, germs & pathogens but without breaking the bank the Tower is a fantastic entry level solution.

The unit’s high energy UVC light will reach all exposed surfaces and kills up to 99.99% of bacteria exposed to its continuous wave energy. This unique cleaning and disinfection system is extremely safe for the operator and anyone else in the building. Each unit is fitted with an effective Personnel Sensor that instantly detects the presence of one or more people in its operating area and immediately shuts down ensuring nobody comes to any harm should they come close to the unit whilst in operation.

Kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria

Versatile & Robust

Standing at less than 1.5m the VIOA B-1 is both robust and easy to manoeuvre, weighing in at less than 29kgs.

With usability at its very core, the VIOA Tower is unlike any other product on the market. Transporting the unit from location to location can be undertaken safely by just one person. This versatile system has been designed to fit in a variety of suitably sized vehicles for those requiring minimal effort when transporting to different sites.


Cost Effective & Easy to Use

We believe the VIOA Tower is one of the most cost-effective UVC sanitising system on the market. With life expectancy of the UVC light tubes being over 8,000hrs you can sit back safe in the knowledge that you’ve invested in a piece of technology that doesn’t need to be constantly maintained.

Operation is simple. The device is controlled outside of the room being sanitised via a simple remote control and a clear on-device LCD screen provides basic settings, usage and operational information. We’ve worked hard to make the VIOA Tower robust, versatile and requiring as little maintenance as possible and, importantly, it’s easy to use too.

Prices start at just £6,950 with finance options available


How it works


Step 1. Move the VIOA in to the area that needs to be sanitised.


Step 2. Set the length of time you want the area to be sanitised for.


Step 3. Leave the room and let the VIOA sanitise the area.

Coronavirus disinfection, Ultra-violet cleaning

Offices & Workspaces

Mobile disinfection, UV cleaning, Gym

Gyms & Leisure Centres

Shops & Supermarkets

Restaurants & Bars

Care Homes

Dentist & Doctors Surgeries

Hair & Beauty Salons

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Key Features

8 x 75W Lighting Tubes

Easy to Use Handle

Built-in Control Unit

VIOA B-1 Costs

Starting at just £6,950 the VIOA Tower is one of the most cost effective UVC decontamination, cleaning and sanitising solutions on the market.

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