Frequently Asked Questions About UVC Cleaning

What is UVC cleaning?

UVC cleaning and decontamination utilises an invisible UVC light that is able to de-activate micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, pathogens, mold and fungi. This means that when air and surfaces are exposed to the light any such viruses and pathogens are killed and the area is disinfected.

How quickly can a room be sanitised?

Typically, an office space, for example, can be sanitised in less than 10 minutes. Smaller spaces require less time.

Where do I position the unit when I'm sanitising a room?

Ideally you would position the VIOA UVC decontamination unit in the middle of the room you are treating. If there are any large obstructions such as big desks etc that might result in a certain amount of shadowing we recommend that you perform a couple of shorter cycles on each side of obstruction. If you have any questions then our experts are always happy to help.

How easy are the units to move and use? Do I need special training?

Each of our cleaning units have been designed to be easily manoeuvred by one person. No specialist training is required as the operating system has been optimised to ensure ease of use.

How long do the UVC lights last?

The UVC lamps used on the VIOA products have an estimated life expectancy for over 8000hrs.

Is UVC cleaning safe?

Absolutely! UVC light cleaning has been used for many years and leaves no smell or residue which can sometime be the case with more traditional liquid-based cleaning. However, you do need to make sure that certain safety measures are taken during the cleaning process. If your eyes or skin are exposed to UVC it can cause irritation to your eyes and that is why you should always leave the room during a cleaning cycle. We’ve installed a Green, Amber & Red light system to show at which stage the units are operating and there is a sensor installed that automatically shuts down the unit if it detects human presence.

How much does it cost?

VIOA UVC decontamination and cleaning systems start at just £6,950.

Can I get a UVC decontamination system on finance?

Yes. We want our products to be accessible to everyone and that’s why you have the option to purchase outright or to take advantage of our finance facilities. Contact us today to chat about how this works.